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  If you choose to have your domain name hosted by us then we provide
POP email accounts (allowing you to download incoming email using tools such as Microsoft's Outlook Express etc). Forwarding of incoming email to other email addresses as necessary.

However when Hosted by us we also provide a "Webmail" service included in the hosting package. This allows you to send and read email, anywhere, from any computer that can connect to the internet, straight from the internet browser.

This advanced facility is like that offered by huge organisations, such as Microsoft, on their "Hotmail" service.

  The Christian Web Services design packages start at just 299

Sites can take as little as 2 weeks to create. We know that this price is low compared to that quoted by our competitors. Simply look at the Existing Clients section to see that we deliver.

How do we do it? Our simple approach and effective designs avoid the unnecessary complexities and technicalities that many web design companies insist on saddling you with. They thrive on charging you a day-rate - indeed their initial meeting with you will probably cost you more than our total price!

  Whatever your requirement, we can help. Although we describe a standard solution below, we are happy to adapt this to your needs and find you the most cost-effective solution.
  An attractively designed website, designed in consultation with you. Inclusion of your text and images as desired (and we will help you by providing attractive images where possible).
  Registration of an appropriate webname - i.e. - or use of an existing name.

Inclusion of appropriate 'metatags' etc to make your site 'Search Engine friendly'.

Adding your site to free Search Engines (Google, Altavista, Lycos).

Website Hosting
  All websites need to be 'hosted' on a server which is permanently connected to the internet.
If you choose to use our hosting then we charge 140 per year to host a webname (or equivalent) and 160 per year for a .org webname (or equivalent).

Our hosting fees include free renewal of your domain name with the internet authorities. This is why .com names are slightly more expensive to host.
We also include unlimited changes to one existing web page per quarter within the hosting subscription.

If web design fees are like buying a car, hosting is like petrol!

Note. You may choose to use hosting from a third party. This could apply if you have already purchased a domain name and set up email facilities with them.