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Web 'Hosting'

If web design fees are like buying a car, hosting is like petrol!


Website Hosting
All websites need to be 'hosted' on a server which is permanently connected to the internet. All our Servers are Dedicated Christian Web Hosting, nothing unsavoury here!
If you choose to use our hosting then we charge 160 per year to host a webname (or equivalent) and 180 per year for a .org webname (or equivalent).
Our hosting fees include free renewal of your domain name with the internet authorities. This is why .com names are slightly more expensive to host.
We also include unlimited changes to one existing web page per quarter within the hosting subscription.
NOTE. Inclusive in the hosting fee is the often complex task of setting up your Website on the 'Webserver'. This alone can take an Entire day!
Note. You may choose to use hosting from a third party. This could apply if you have already purchased a domain name and set up email facilities with them.