You need to setup a new Email Account


These Settings Assume your Hosting is with Christian Web Services, If not then your settings WILL be different


STEP 1. Open Outlook Express and choose from the menu TOOLS, then ACCOUNTS. You should see a screen similar to the one below.
STEP 2. You should make sure that the 'Mail' tab is selected, and then select the 'Add' (then the 'Mail') button on the right hand side. You should see a screen like the one below. This means that you are using a 'Wizard' to set up the account. You will be able to change details later if you want so no need to worry too much about things like what to use for your name etc..
STEP 3. Enter your name (e.g. Martin or Martin Smith or Sales at Your Business) and press 'Next'. The following screen should appear.
STEP 4. Enter your email address and press 'Next'.
STEP 5. This is the most difficult step.

Firstly enter in the INCOMING MAIL SERVER box the details we have given you for your incoming mail server. This is probably Note that this is not an email address - it has no @ sign in it - just dots.

Now enter in the OUTGOING mail server the details of your ISP's outgoing mail server. This is most likely to be something like or or etc.

Press next and you should see the screen below, or similar.

STEP 6. Enter here the Account name and Password which we have given you. The account name is likely to be the same as the email address. Yes, the PASSWORD is case-sensitive!

When you have done this press 'Next' then 'Finish' It is always worth now checking your settings.

STEP 7. Once you are happy with your settings you should be able to collect INCOMING email directly from our servers. Ideally send yourself a test message from another account first. Remember that if we are currently forwarding email to you then you will now get it twice (once directly) and once via the forward. Once you are confident of collecting your email directly ask us to remove the forwarding facility.

NOTE. To collect email on a single account when you have several you can usually go to TOOLS, then SEND AND RECEIVE, and then choose the particular account.