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About Email & 'Easy Mail'


Easy Mail Just 9.99 a year Buys you one of our Christian easy mail accounts.
  Easy mail is a web based email account, much like Microsoft's Hotmail service. Chose from one of many webnames we have purchased for your use, you may be. or

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About email
  Your email addresses are based on the website name you have chosen. You use them on business cards, adverts and any other publicity material.
For example, if your website is, then your email addresses might be:
POP Email Addresses
  A POP email address means that you can collect incoming email using standard mail programs (clients) such as Microsoft's Outlook Express. See also these instructions for setting up your email.
Email forwarding
  Any of your email addresses can also be set up to forward to an existing mail account you use. For example; incoming email to can be set to automatically go to (e.g. )

However when Hosted by us we provide a "Webmail" service included in the package price. This allows you to send and read email, anywhere, from any computer that can connect to the internet, straight from the internet browser.

This advanced facility is like that offered by huge organisations, such as Microsoft, on their "Hotmail" service. >>>More

We recommend that you collect email using POP however from Outlook or Outlook Express or a similar program, rather than forward email from one account to another.

Alternatively, use our excellent free "Webmail" service, as email forwarding has become increasingly unreliable due to the high incidence of SPAM leading to blocking between email servers.