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What exactly happens when you ask us to create your site ?
See our five step plan below.
1 Assessment & Planning

The process starts when you contact us. Our job is to identify exactly what you require from a site, and then offer the various options available for you to consider. When you have decided on your preferred way forward, they will then assist you in compiling the information necessary for site construction to take place, You then forward this information to us for design.

Design and Development

On receipt, we will take care of the design format, and format your textual content. We will will liaise directly with you where necessary in order to create a proof design for your consideration. You can have as much input in the design process as you wish, and on completion, the proof site may be published to a 'private' address for you to look at and propose any changes that you wish implemented.


Site Publication

Once you are happy with the design, the site will be published your nominated address (Web Name / Domain). Christian hosting, email account creation and all associated services are taken care of for you at this point, testing also takes place to ensure that each function is operating efficiently.

4 Site promotion

Site publication is when we will submit your site to the major search engines and directories on your behalf.
5 Customer Care

Is publication where our service to you ends ? Certainly not. It's just the end of the beginning, and the point where along with you, will assess and look after all of your future needs. Remember, our Hosting includes minor changes when necessary and one Major change to One existing Page per quarter.