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Why Christian Web Services?


You are dealing with a committed member of the Christian Church.

Our easy "turn-key" approach to getting your organisation on the web, frees you from the time, hassle and worry involved. We will handle all the technical aspects of creating your site and the often complex and unseen maintenance requirements for you. >>>More

You can have as much input to the look and feel of, what after all, is your site, as you wish to, after all it is for the benefit of your people and community.

Web page and entire site Design
Our website design package starts at just £299, and sites can take as little as 2 weeks to create. We know that this price is low compared to that quoted by many others. Simply look at the Existing Clients section however to see the quality we are able to deliver. >>>More

Easy Website Hosting
All websites need to be 'hosted' on a server which is permanently connected to the internet. When we supply this service for your organisation we handle all the technical aspects of running your site for you. Finally, you will have the comfort of knowing that your site Hosted by Christian Web Services is not sitting next to other questionable sites. >>>More

Easy Email Email Explained Here
When Hosted by us we provide a "Webmail" service included in the package price. This allows you to send and read email, anywhere, from any computer that can connect to the internet. This advanced facility is like that offered by huge organisations, such as Microsoft, on their "Hotmail" service. >>>More

Domain Registration ( Web Name )
Owning your own Domain (web "Name") is as simple as:
1 Chose your unique "Domain Name"
2 Register your "Domain Name"
3 Host your new address with us
   Contact us to discuss your needs >>>More

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We hope you have enjoyed this free service, however it will end on friday 30/10/09


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